September 20, 2010

Best laid plans, blah blah blah

So, remember that weekend of nothing I was all jazzed about on Friday?

Well, that'll teach me to brag.

Long story short, I ended up working most of the weekend. And then I did some laundry.

But in between editing content documents and writing marketing copy and deciding if I really cared enough to separate the lights from the darks, I found time to do some of this:

And a little of this:

Not sure what's happening here. I think he burped. Lucky for you, I caught the magic moment on film:

Looking sort of worried -- maybe that Pupperoni from earlier was repeating on him:

All better and back to being the handsomest boy around:

What? Is that a cat??

Pouting, because it WAS a cat, but Mommy wouldn't let him chase it:

Twenty minutes outside, chilling in the yard with my two best boys, enjoying perfect, sunny fall weather...

Work? Laundry? What?

It was the best part of the weekend, and I guarantee it's the only part I'll ever remember. As it should be.

2 backtalk:

Ky • said...

While I am so sorry that you had an interruption in your weekend of nothingness... I am THRILLED that you got some good pup-time. And some FANTASTIC pup-pics.

(Thems is some cute dogs.)

wrestling kitties said...

Now that right there....that is what makes all the frustration and craziness of a day go away. Lovely.

Agree with Ky, thems is some cute dogs!

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