September 30, 2010

A culinary delight...for four-year-olds. And me.

In certain areas, my taste in food tends to lean toward that of a preschooler in church.

I enjoy a gourmet meal as much as the next gal, but hand me a baggie of dry Cheerios and a glass of apple juice and I'll probably be just as happy.

So I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that I came up with this equation recently:

Two days in the fridge

Then warmed up



A fabulous fall treat for the tastebuds.

It sounds random and weird, but it's seriously fabulous. The extra time in the fridge makes the chili thicker and heartier somehow, and the little cheesy fishies are the perfect complement.

(Disclaimer: Eating this in church not advised.)

3 backtalk:

Ky • said...

I can't lie. I'd eat that in A MINUTE. Yum.

Iris Took said...


wrestling kitties said...

Uh, that was my lunch last week! (Well sans the fridge thing...I can't wait that long) I LOVE Wendys Chili with goldfish! YUM.

Nearly every day to work I take in goldfish, cheerios, kix, or some other kid-friendly snack to munch on.

Infact, this was a picture I took yesterday and put on my twitter because I had actually decided to eat my goldfish ONE AT A TIME with a tiny spoon that I had left from Tastefully Simple! It made me laugh so I ate my goldfish like a 4 year old for about 40 minutes and kept myself entertained! HAHA I imagine you would appreciate this :)

This post makes me smile!

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