September 13, 2010

While we're waiting...

I'm having some trouble getting the video/photos of my weekend -- which was awesome -- and the hair -- which -- off my phone. The issues will be resolved, for better or for worse, tomorrow, and I'll deliver the goods.

In the meantime, I thought I'd show you this:

No, it isn't poo in a bowl with a raspberry garnish. (Ew.)

It's dark chocolate sorbet that I made with my ice cream maker!! With a raspberry garnish!

My best friend B and I rocked this out on Friday night, and let me tell you friends: If tastebuds have their own heaven, it could easily be within this bowl.

It's essentially just frozen sugar, vanilla, cocoa powder and water, but somehow it came out...creamy. And smooth. And dark chocolatey. And absolutely, ridiculously delicious. Like angels dancing. In my mouth.

After taking the first bite, I'm fairly certain I sang an aria.

See you tomorrow!

3 backtalk:

Amber said...

Wow. Sounds delicious! (Looks scary.) :-)

Care to share the recipe?

Ky • said...

I hate to tell you - on first sight, I don't think your camera did the dessert justice.

That said, I'd still eat it happily. It sounds MARVELOUS.

wrestling kitties said...

Agree, doesn't look the best...but looks aren't everything, right?!

It sounds delicious!!!!

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