September 27, 2010

Fall is yummy

There are 500,000 reasons why I love fall.


Air so crisp and devoid of humidity that I feel like I can take my first full, deep breath since we left April behind.

Crunching leaves on sidewalks.

Apple cider.

And these:

Ohhhh, concord grapes. So unlike any other, inferior grapes, with their show-offy sweetness and seedlessness and easily-digestable skin, and being all, "Oh, look at me, I'm available all year!" You are sour and sweet and tart and gooshy, and you pop right out of your deep purple skin and leave behind hard little seeds that require awkward spitting into a napkin.

(OK, as I'm writing this, it's sounding less and less appetizing.)

Every fall, I scour our local farmer's markets for these little seasonal beauties, since the stupid national chain grocery stores are apparently too good to carry them. And from September to early November, I'm in heaven.

It's my secret dream to have a huge vineyard filled with nothing but concord grapes, and then eat all of them myself, fighting off anyone who tries to share my bounty.


Also, quick callback to an earlier post wherein I extolled the virtue of the Andes mint and vowed to try a few recipes including those little gems. 36x37 did indeed come through with some Andes mint brownies, and they were little chocolate squares of minty HEAVEN (thanks again, M!).

And, I created this at the office last week:

That's Swiss Miss hot chocolate with Andes mints crumbled on top. Slowly melting into the cocoa. Creating a smooth, creamy, mint-a-riffic chocolatey confectionery delight that I intend to recreate upon every opportunity. In other news: IT WAS REALLY, REALLY TASTY.

It almost made up for the return of football, and my subsequent Sunday-afternoon widowhood.

4 backtalk:

Ky • said...

OMG. I love concord grapes. My Dad used to grow them... :)

And that hot chocolate with ANDES mints? Omg. I just found Swiss Miss down here and I'm pumped. Now to find andes mints...


Amber said...

We have a share in a farm and just got a HUGE bag of concord grapes! I loooove them! My grandpa used to grow them to make wine. They bring back lots of happy memories.

My friend Missy can't stand 'em, but my husband is now addicted as well! Yay!

Amber said...

P.S. I made microwave grape juice with some of my concord grapes last night. So good and so easy. You don't need any of that canning business!

wrestling kitties said...

That hot chocolate looks and sounds AMAZING! I have these little baking Andes Mints for cookies and brownies....I am totally making some hot chocolate and throwing a few in there!

I do not believe I have ever had concord grapes. They sound delicious and I am sad I have not tasted them. I am on a hunt for them now.

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