September 3, 2010


Every morning when I step out of the shower...

It's entirely possible he just likes the warmth of the steam. Or the sound of the water running. Or the fresh, clean smell of my shampoo. Or the caress of the fuzzy green bathmat.

But I choose to think he's guarding his mama.

And yes, I have to step over him, precariously, every time I exit said shower. Which would be awkward even if I weren't wearing a towel, balancing on wet toes and squinting to try to see without my glasses.

And yes, it's entirely possible that I have, more than once, slipped and nearly fallen headfirst into the linen closet. And/or out the window.

Do I mind?


Have a wonderful long weekend, y'all. And please say a prayer for me, as I'm attending an event that has the word "beer" in the TITLE, and I am not much of a drinker. Also I'm 33 now, and thus a little old for all drinking games that don't involve how many times someone says "Woohoo! Big balls!" on Wipeout. In other news:

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Running Chatter said...

He is adorable and you crack me up. Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Anna@MetaMusings said...

How precious is that puppy of yours!! And I TOTALLY get the no glasses's a whole new, scarry world without them, isn't it?

Please, *please* tell me you are going to write a post about your beer-guzzling weekend. I know it will be good. :) Have fun, friend!

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