September 28, 2010


Will someone explain to me why these guys now have ANOTHER show on television?

Two rapping brothers who are famous because of their awful dating shows, searching for Sasquatch and other legendary monsters in swamps and forests and...


Especially when the people who actually do this sort of thing for a living are FAR more entertaining:

The folks on Swamp People are just...real people. Not caricatures. Not wannabes. They just do what they've been doing for generations: Hunt alligators and fish and take care of their families and pass on family traditions.

Personally, I don't love the hunting/killing aspect of Swamp People, just because I hate the idea of slaughtering animals, period. But I do eat meat, so I can't be a total hypocrite. (Also, alligator is tasty.) The alligators aren't hunted for sport, nothing goes to waste, and the people on the show at least appear to do it responsibly and within the law. And they're...compelling personalities.

And they aren't rapping brothers who are famous because of their awful dating shows.

I'm sure not everyone agrees with me. Which is why Real and Chance: Legend Hunters exists in the first place.


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wrestling kitties said...

I have not heard of this Swamp People show. Sounds intersting.

As for the other. I do not even want to acknowledge them and am having a hard time even writing this in response to them. *sigh* There are way too many people out there with shows and about 98% of them do not deserve them and I find ridiculous. I mean, come on. REALLY TV networks?!

Ky • said...


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