September 17, 2010

In all its wonder and glory

That's what I have planned for this weekend.

No. Thing. NOTHING.

I'm so excited I could cry. Or squeal most unattractively. Accompanied by an equally unattractive interpretive dance depicting my excitement about said nothingness.

I'd never complain about the time I spend with friends and family and volunteer organizations and the like. I LOVE those times.

But sometimes, it just feels GREAT to look at the ol' planner and see nothing but blank space. With endless opportunity to fill it up with whatever I want. Or...not.

To look around my house, see what needs to be done and think, "I could do any or all of these things this weekend. Or, I could do NONE of them."

It feels like I just took a huge breath of crisp, autumn air, and then nestled into a warm blanket.

(Ooh -- maybe THAT'S what I'll do this weekend.)

Whatever I do, I fully intend to enjoy my nothing time. Please enjoy yours!

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