October 27, 2009

Laid up + I don't have any ham to go with that

I sprained my ankle this weekend.

Thus, I've been spending most of my time hobbling from place to place (still have my crutches from my last sprained ankle a few years ago -- woohoo!) and trying to figure out how to sit on the couch when I always, always tuck my left leg under me when I sit down (my right ankle is the gimpy one, so I can't put weight on it).

(Seriously -- I stand there for at least two minutes trying to mentally visualize how to sit down without putting any weight on my right foot. I'm weird.)

The swelling has gone down (it's a pretty mild sprain), so I should be able to walk again by tomorrow, I'm hoping. And just when I'm getting the hang of climbing into bed right-leg-first! (Yes, this also takes me a couple of minutes to figure out in my head. I have more physical "routine" than I realized.)

On a completely unrelated note, as I was hobbling to the bathroom at my office (and passing through the kitchenette on the way there), I noticed someone brought in a "treat" to share and decided to leave it in the kitchenette, the better to share it with our entire floor. People tend to do this with leftover birthday cake, cookies, brownies, etc.

Today's offering? A package of whole wheat hoagie buns.

As you can imagine, there haven't been many takers.

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Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

Lol. This surprises me. I mean, whole wheat hoagie buns?! Why wouldn't you grab one of those for an afternoon snack?

I love eating random dry loaves of bread.

(Sorry about your ankle, friend.)

AthenaBee said...

Can you jump up in the air, tuck your leg under you, and land gracefully onto the couch in the correct sitting position? I don't see why not. Sounds easy enough to me.

Written Permission said...

AthenaBee, you laugh, but I actually tried that. :) My husband and my dog were most amused. And now my other ankle hurts.

Iris Took said...

Hoagie buns? I bet that same person was the kind of bastard that brought a "healthy snack" like oranges for birthday treats. Ugh. WE WANT CUPCAKES!

Iris Took said...

PS Get well soon!

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