October 11, 2009

MM's Circle Game: Cookie Traditions

Jumping in on Metacognitive Musing's circle game...

Our family tried the traditional "annual Christmas cookie extravaganza" for a few years. It kind of fizzled out. Not least because my mother and I tend to get antsy if we spend too much time in a hot kitchen.

And there's less chance of something catching on fire if we aren't in there to begin with.

The only real "tradition" I can think of is the WAY my mother makes her chocolate chip cookies. Thin. Crispy. Slightly browned. Not doughy AT ALL. Perfect whether dunked in coffee (her; ew) or eaten straight from the cookie sheet (me, while burning my fingers and cursing under my breath so my grandma doesn't hear me).


This is the ONLY way to make chocolate chip cookies in my family. Much to the chagrin of my husband, who prefers his barely baked and extremely doughy, to the point where he eats them with a FORK. No, really. With a fork.

As for the other types of cookies (snickerdoodles, peanut butter, fruit-and-nut varieties or, heaven forbid, oatmeal raisin ), to them I say: BAH. Cookie fakers.

Give me thin, crispy chocolate chip cookies, or I'll be over in that corner, wrestling with my Aunt Doris for the pan of brownies.

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