October 15, 2009

Photo of the Week: Bored Contortionist Edition

OK, first and foremost, I don't even know how you get into a position like this. I have no idea what parts of your body need to be double-jointed to do this. Your hips? Your head? Your spine? This position defies all logic and reason.

Secondly, where is this child? It looks as though someone tossed a tablecloth onto a brick wall in an abandoned alley and decided this was the ideal locale for some contortion work. Surely a cushy mat would be a better surface for this type of thing?

But what gets me the most about this picture is the child's face. She doesn't seem happy about what she's doing, but neither does she seem as though she's being forced to do this at gunpoint. She looks utterly bored with the entire affair. Almost as though she came home from school, exhausted from a long day of learning the multiplication tables, flopped down (on a...brick wall) and this just happened to be the position she landed in.

She could watch TV, eat dinner, finish her homework and then fall asleep in this position. She doesn't care. "My butt is resting comfortably on the back of my head. Yawn."

More power to you, bored contortionist in a back alley. Just because you can do something unusual doesn't mean you have to get excited about it. Let the rest of us ooh and ahh over your ability to sit on your own head. You just take a nap.

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wrestling kitties said...

That is the position I like to get in when I am thinking about things; such as what to have for dinner, what to do for the holidays, the meaning of life. We call it my thinking position.

Seriously though, good call about the brick wall. I mean really, something a little softer may have been nice for her.

P.S. I think she may be stuck

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