October 9, 2009

Oh, Facebook. I'm sorry.

So it appears I acted too hastily in chiding you for trapping me in a no-way-out circle of advertising nonsense, Facebook.

Turns out, it was my fault.

Apparently I fat-fingered your URL, typed in www.facebok.com and ended up in that vortex of crap as a result of my own ineptitude. In my defense, the phishers responsible for that nifty little trick went to great lengths to fool the user, mimicking your background and referencing you specifically in their title bar and elsewhere on the page.

I should have known you wouldn't betray me that way.

Would it make you feel better if I adopted the cows and sheep my brother is always sending me, or spent some time in "Yoville," whatever the hell that is?

(Thanks to the anonymous poster who alerted me to my mistake. Oopsie. That'll teach me to rant first and check my typing skills later.)

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