October 8, 2009

Thanks a lot, Facebook.

Listen up, Facebook.

I put off joining you forever. The truth is, I don't have a lot of free time, and frankly, there are just some people I'd rather not reconnect with. The thought of you just didn't appeal to me on several levels.

But my friends kept telling me to give you a chance. Co-workers were aghast that I hadn't joined you yet. Everyone kept saying you were a great networking tool, that I could be as involved with you as I wanted to be, that you wouldn't take over my life. At some point, it seemed like I was the only person left on Earth who wasn't a member of your little club. When my friends' parents started joining, I knew I just had to suck it up and join you.

And listen, it's been great. My friends didn't lie: You're surprisingly addictive, it's nice to keep in touch with my friends and family through you, and you don't take that much time. In fact, you're quicker than checking e-mail.

So you can understand why I felt somewhat betrayed when, upon typing in your URL today, you routed me to an advertisement and tried to con me into giving my e-mail address to a bunch of random companies, the better for them to spam me into oblivion. And not only did you take me to the ad instead of your promised logon page, you didn't give me a way out. You trapped me in a random URL called "quizready.com" or something like that, and when I tried to close the page, did you take me to the logon screen I expected?

No. No, you did not.

First, you yelled at me for trying to close the page. Then, instead of letting me FINALLY log on, you closed my browser, I suspect, out of pure spite.

This isn't cool, Facebook. I deserve and expect better treatment, and I won't stand for it. I know you rely on advertising dollars. But this just seems heavy-handed and, frankly, beneath you.

I'm disappointed. I'll let it slide this time, but I don't expect it to happen again. Now go to your room, think about what you've done and don't even think about posting something nasty on my Wall, because I'll know it was you, and I am at my wit's end with you, missy.

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Anonymous said...

I ran into this today too. But thankfully it's not facebook's doing. I finally figured out that I had accidentally typed in the URL as www.facebok.com (one O in book). Just a sad phishing attempt it seems.

Summer said...

Hey Shannon: Somehow I missed that you had started a blog! Just found it this week and have really enjoyed your writing!

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