October 17, 2009


I'm sitting here with the TV muted while I work on some writing, and Jerry Springer just came on (no, I was not watching it on purpose -- stop looking at me like that!).

Some thoughts:

1. This show is still on? Really?

2. Seriously, who is watching this crap in 2009?

3. Why? Oh, why?

4. According to the onscreen text, this show is about sisters sleeping with each other's husbands or boyfriends or something like that. One sister was onstage talking to Jerry about, presumably, the cheating (again, it's on mute -- I'm unwilling to listen to this even though I'm writing about it) to give him a little bit of background, I guess?

Then they brought out the other sister, and both sisters of course started fighting and waving their heads and fingers around (I'm sure some snapping took place). And then they both...took off their shoes.

This seemed to indicate that some sort of serious throwdown was about to commence, and I assume that the shoe removal was either meant to give them added agility (so as not to trip in their five-inch heels) or to provide them with an extra weapon (again: five-inch heels). However, both women just waggled their heads around from separate corners, no fighting ever occurred and they ended up just...walking around barefoot for no apparent reason.

I don't mind telling you, I feel a bit let down.

(As a postscript: In the time it took me to write this, Jerry has ended (I assume the sisterly rivalry resolved itself) and now Maury Povich is holding a contest called "Maury's Most Talented Little Person." I just saw "Lil' Gaga" and a wee Michael Jackson impersonator who, for some reason, was humping Maury's leg. (I refuse to un-mute this to find out more details.) It's a whole other world of TV during the day, isn't it?)

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