November 16, 2009

Current obsessions

Things I'm a wee bit obsessed with right now:
  • Owl City. I can't stop listening to the song "Fireflies." Apparently some kid from Canada had insomnia, started making music in his parents' basement to pass the time and now he's famous. I just like that.
  • Shit My Dad Says. This guy lives with his 73-year-old dad and just Twitters the awesome things he says. The guy has a potty mouth, but his little bits of wisdom crack me up.
  • A hoarder. I'm convinced there's one living about a mile from my house. They have one of those enclosed sun rooms with windows wrapped around the whole thing, and the room (it's as wide as their entire house) has crap piled TO THE CEILING. I find it fascinating and disturbing.
  • This video. It's stupid and completely ridiculous. But somehow, the more I watch it, the more it makes me laugh.

  • A song I can't find. Or, rather, a version of a song I can't find. About a month ago I heard an acapella, multi-harmonied version of the song More Than Words on my satellite radio. All the pad data said was "Extreme/More Than Words." No other info. Google and YouTube searches have failed me. I just want to know who added the other harmonies, because it ROCKS.
  • Tootsie Rolls. Tiny. Chocolatey. Chewy. Relatively low in calories and fat. What's not to love?
  • The Who. I was never really into them (although I liked some of their songs well enough) until I watched "Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who." It had the usual background on all the band members, sort of like a typical Behind the Music type of thing, but it delved more deeply into how Pete Townshend wrote all their stuff, how they worked together as musicians, what each of them brought to the band, etc. It appealed to the inner music nerd in me. And now I'm a bit obsessed with them. Particularly how Roger Daltrey could have started out life so good-looking (if incredibly short) and then transformed somehow into a hobbit.

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Amber said...

This probably isn't the right one, but Naturally 7 did a cool acapella cover of More Than Words. It's on the What is it? album.

That song brings back memories! First dance. At a party at my friend Hope's house in 7th-grade. :-)

Written Permission said...

Ooh -- I will check that out when I get home from work tonight! Thanks for the tip. :)

(I know -- for some reason, that song is extremely nostalgic for me, too!)

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