November 9, 2009

Things that are making me smile today

  • My dogs in "play mode" this morning, getting down in their play stance (butt in the air) and racing around in crazy zigzags in our living room.
  • The two little girls wrestling and giggling uncontrollably in a chair at Panera during lunchtime, to the point where one of them said, "I can't breeeeeaathe, hahahahahahaaaaaa!"
  • The miraculous fact that my hair actually looks good today.
  • The man at the gas station who, upon hearing someone on my car radio ask a question, thought I was talking to him and answered (and then kept talking to me out of embarrassment).
  • My vision insurance -- I just got a new pair of glasses for $18.77, y'all.
  • The hot chocolate I'm about to drink (yum) even though it's warm outside.
  • The woman in my office kitchenette who agreed that cheese popcorn smells disgusting, and that whomever has decided they need some every morning at 9 a.m. "is about to get slapped up in here."

What's making YOU smile today?

5 backtalk:

Malissa said...

making me smile: all of your things making you smile and the fact that i made myself leave early today and my pug is now sleeping between my calves keeping my feet warm!

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

I'm telling you what, a good hair day has me smiling from morning until night.

Kay said...

Oh my gosh, someone in my office keeps making popcorn before 10 a.m. and it drives me insane! Especially because my office is right by the kitchen. Popcorn is an after lunch snack, not a breakfast snack!

Iris Took said...

Amen on good hair days! Ruby Tuesday salad bar for lunch is making me smile today!

wrestling kitties said...

great list! Kids giggling always makes me smile.

- My sister and I coming home from work and my sisters boyfriend and my mom were in the kitchen making dinner!

- Spending the last evening realxing with my mom before she goes back home (she has been here since Friday!)

- We got an awesome new lamp today...and we just ordered it saturday!

- A piece of Edwards pie.

- Catching up on TONS of blogs from friends, I have missed so much and the blogs really make me smile.

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