November 13, 2009


So, in addition to each other, my dogs have two other BFFs:

These are our next-door neighbors'/friends' dogs. Remington is the distinguished-looking Black Lab/Weim mix on the left above; Romeo is the bewildered-looking white boxer on the right. (It's hard to tell because my crappy camera gives all the dogs green-eye, but Romeo has one blue eye and one brown eye. It adds to his adorableness.)

Here's the whole motley crew, looking about as subdued as they were all night:

The doggy version of a coffee klatch (I'm dying to know what they talk about):

Remington again, looking far more angelic than he really is. You can see how large he is compared with the other dogs, right? He's lean, but gigantic, with a super-long tail that whips all the boxers in the face (they have only tiny lopped-off tails with which to retaliate).

His face would have you believe otherwise, but he is a menace. We still love him, though.

I call this last picture, "Please save us from the black dog." Please note that Murray and Bubba are holding hands while Remington towers over them menacingly:

Just another Friday night at my house. Trying to kick this awful cold while outnumbered by four-legged critters. (And trust me: They weren't this low-key for very long. I managed to break up the wrestling and play-biting just long enough to grab these pictures and then it was back ON.)

Have a good weekend, y'all.

4 backtalk:

Lacie Irish Oatmeal said...

I love the "string of slobber across the nose" look on Remy. Georgia sports it often. I like to think it a quick sign dogs give us to let us know, Yes, in fact, I am insane.

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

Awesome. I love that YOU get to socialized and so do the pups.

Trophy Life said...

this is hysterical and adorable all at once. that's just a LOT of dog legs all over the place.

Written Permission said...

At one point we had a four-way bum-sniffing going on. I thought it best not to post a picture of that!

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