November 5, 2009


Things that are annoying me today (you may or may not see some patterns developing here):
  1. Going to the bathroom. It takes too long. And it’s too far away from my desk at work. They should just give us toilets for office chairs and allow us to wear pants with butt flaps. In the time we’d save by not walking to the bathroom, we could make our own air freshener to deal with the smell.
  2. People who don’t wash their hands after they go to the bathroom. What, you didn’t think I’d notice the distinct silence between the sounds of your toilet flushing and the door closing behind you? Now my own conscientious hand-washing is rendered completely useless, and I have to use my elbow to pull the door open. And lest you think I’m whining for nothing, let me remind you that elbows don’t have opposable thumbs.
  3. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put a communal jar of pretzels right outside the women’s restroom. See above. Ew, ew and ew.
  4. The clerk at the gas station I just left. Did you really need to stare, glassy-eyed, past my head while you were giving me my change? Is eye contact SO difficult? I AM A HUMAN BEING.
  5. My own rampant emotions. I have no idea why I need to feel validated by a convenience store clerk, but there you have it.
  6. The two teenagers who felt it necessary to A) blast their music at 40,000 db so the rest of us could also be assured that they “run this town,” and B) peel out of the gas station parking lot in their…Toyota Camry. Yes, you are big and bad. Ugh.
To balance out all this negativity, I should mention that I enjoyed the fact that the gas station was providing everyone with complimentary squirts of Germx, lest we all infect one another in this, the time of the flu (both swine and seasonal). At least BP is doing its part to protect us.

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Iris Took said...

I really liked your clerk, then emotions points. I get so MAD when the clerk does not acknowledge me and then I get MADDER when I realize that I care.

At least pretzels are easy to resist - if they put a bowl of Reese's Pieces out there you might be screwed.

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