November 15, 2009

Do not try this at home.

I just saw one of those Bud Light "too light/too heavy" commercials. It's the one where the woman in the restaurant first softly tries to get the waiter's attention (too light), then trips him and causes him to fall through a plate-glass window (too heavy).

As she trips him and he's falling through the window, there's a disclaimer that appears at the bottom of the screen: "Professional stunt. Do not attempt."


I mean, really?

I once saw a car commercial where the car was skimming across the surface of a lake, then did a snappy little turn and started driving underwater. The disclaimer said, "Car does not actually drive in or under water."

I realize we have these disclaimers because we're a ridiculously litigious nation, and the legal departments that now run everything force companies to do this so they're covered if some dumbass actually trips a waiter hoping he or she will fall through a window, or tries to drive their Toyota into a pond and is surprised when they need to be rescued by a crane.

But really?

It's times like these when I wonder what exactly we're doing as a nation.

Don't even get me started on that Gap commercial where the people are dancing around saying, "Go Christmas! Go Hanukkah! Go Kwanzaa! Go Solstice!"


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