November 19, 2009

Moisturizing advice?

(Note: I hate the word "moisturizing" because it includes the word "moist," which is just a disgusting word. Ew.)

I have dry skin. Dry, dry, dry. I would never have guessed as an oily-faced teenager that I'd ever, EVER have need for moisturizer.

But now I'm 32. Times have changed. My skin is a desert.

For the past few years, I've been using "Dream Cream" from Lush on my face and hands. It actually works pretty well, but 1) it really isn't meant for your face, so I think I could maybe stand to switch things up there, and 2) it's expensive, so I can't afford to make it a whole-body moisturizer, so while my hands look OK, the rest of me is a dry, flaky nightmare.

(OK, this whole post is gross. I apologize.)

So I'm looking for recommendations for a good body moisturizer that won't put me in the po' house, and a facial moisturizer that's a little less rich than Dream Cream but better than, say, Oil of Olay (which I've tried and hated).

Do you have a product you absolutely love, or even one that just does passably well? Please share. Don't be stingy. It's almost Christmas.

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65 Roses for Marcia said...

I use Arbonne to keep soft and you know (the disgusting word). I LOVE it! I could drop a hint to your mama to get you some for Christmas?? There is one in particular I think you'd like called Ginger Citrus body butter, now doesn't that sound nice? They also have a great shea butter...If you don't want to wait till Christmas, I can order some for you today!

Lacie Irish Oatmeal said...

I use Earth Science Almond Aloe lotion. Despite how shi-shi it sounds, it is relatively inexpensive, I think something like $7. I bought it because it was one of the only fragerance free lotions I could find, and the perfumes tend to irritate my skin. (Like you, my skin has always tended towards greasy, so suddenly finding myself needing to use lotion on a daily basis was rather a shock.) It also offers spf 15 protection, which is nice, but not stricly necessary in the Pacific Northwest.

Anonymous said...

I use either Lubriderm or Aveeno lotion and usually the generic version. Of the two, Aveeno is my fav.

For face moisturizer both Anna and I (and maybe Kat?) use Johnson & Johnson Purpose.

All of this was recommended by my dermatologist as fragrance and oil free for my sensitive, ridiculously dry skin. And it's all reasonably priced.


wrestling kitties said...

Oh my goodness, I HATE the "M" word too. Blech.

I only use lotion in the winter. I probably should use it all year round but I hate that oily feeling and I find that on my face I seem to break out as my skin is already a bit oily. However in the winter, I think I shake my head and skin flakes off. (i know, gross) And my hands get so dry they get all read and crack a bit. I have found for my hands I use Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fast Absorbing Hand Cream at night and by morning my hands are soft and not dry. For a 3 oz bottle it is about $5 but you do not need to use alot of it and you really only need to use it at night, so it is actually a great deal. I don't put lotion on during the day but this stuff just as night seems to do the trick and after a minute or two it absorbs into your skin so your hands don't feel greasy (i hate that).

As for my face, when I DO use lotion I use Olay Regenerist Night Cream and if I need something for the day on my forehead I use Avon Ageless results day cream. I only put lotion on my face once maybe twice a week in the winter, otherwise I break out.

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