November 8, 2009

Puppy PSA

Very quick public service announcement...

If anyone is looking (or knows someone who's looking) to adopt a dog in the central Ohio area, I just want to put in a plug for the Morrow County Dog Shelter.

I volunteer there once a week and can personally vouch for the fact that the staff does an AMAZING job with the incredible number of dogs that come through their door. They not only actively publicize the dogs they have available (which results in a great adoption rate), they also work with the dogs, try to give them a basic headstart in obedience and really, truly give them love.

They're a small shelter, and unfortunately are located in a county where, since it's out in the country, a lot of folks come to drop off their dogs. They get a huge number of strays, and they do a fabulous job of trying to make sure they promote, promote, promote so they never run out of space (and therefore don't have to euthanize).

However, the floodgates have recently opened, and they are completely full-up. And, more disturbingly, they've been getting a huge influx of really young puppies lately (pictures of four of them attached above). Puppies just abandoned at the vet, in the dog shelter parking lot, underneath a broken-down car at the grocery store...

The amazing job they're doing notwithstanding, a shelter (any shelter) is really not the ideal place for dogs, and it certainly isn't a place for tiny puppies.

If you know anyone who's interested, the shelter's list of adoptable dogs is on

P.S.: This is strictly a PSA; no indictment for getting your dog elsewhere or not getting a dog at all. :) Even if you're a cat person, I won't hold that against you.

P.P.S.: Kidding! Cats are awesome, too.

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