November 24, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: When Good Pumpkins Go Bad

We are two happy pumpkins! Look at us smiling! We're glowing! Woohoo!


~Time passes~

~The wind blows~

~Rain falls~

~Temperatures drop below freezing~


Ohhhh, noooo. I'm so tired... Where are my teeth?
My jaunty stem belies the sadness of my shriveled soul.

I'm so ashamed...

Ugh. I just give up.



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Wendy said...

OMG OMG OMG I laughed SO LOUD at these pictures! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! This is just pure awesome!

Summer said...

Ahhhahahahahahahahahah. This cracks me up! Thank you for the comic relief. . .

the grumbles said...


Ky • said...

AH! Love it. The life cycle-o-the-pumpkin.

(OMG. I miss you.)

Ky • said...

(My word verification was "reary". As in I REARY miss you.)

Get it?


Written Permission said...

Ky: HA!! That made me laugh reary hard. :) And, I reary miss you, too. Yesterday I heard "Don't Stand So Close To Me" on the radio, and I remembered singing it with you (with horrible accents) in the old Wit office. And I realized I missed my friend Kylee. :) I now I'm going to go home and try to find that picture of Courtney Baber.

Trophy Life said...

ohmygosh! this little pumpkin looks like an old, wrinkly mess!! love it....

wrestling kitties said...


This is beyond awesome. The loud cackle that just exited my body and startled the cats is proof that you and this post are HILARIOUS!

Nadja said...

Athena loved this. As did I.

Iris Took said...

This is great! I am not sure how I missed it, but it is perfect for a little procrastination today.

Have a reary nice day.


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