November 9, 2010

NBX Vol 3: Creepy babies, bucketheads, bastards and whatever a "windover" is

So, when I decided to dive into this NaBloPoMo thing, one thing became quickly evident: I needed some ideas. And where better to turn than some of the old featurey-type things I abandoned this summer?

For any of you who may be new or who may have tried to block NBX out of your memory, please see What the heck is this?

Now that that's out of the way, let's dive right in, shall we?

  • Most awesomest blog name: Carnival of the Elitist Bastards (...I don't even know where to start. I love everything about this name. The blog and its self-same carnival is a celebration of the cerebral, which I can always get behind. And OK, yes, the stilted pirate-speak in the blog post updates gets waaaay old. But I'm down with any blog that begins its description with this: "You can help raise the level of our public discourse from the subgutter of stupidity in which it currently resides. All you have to do is celebrate your own intelligence.")
  • So-ugly-it's-fabulous-est blog layout: Baby Hiroshi (The colors...they assault my eyes. And the header. Well. It's just really creeping me out. It's a really cute baby, but there's just something...weird...about it.)
  • Most random blog post title (and/or title that lends itself the best to double-entendre or horrible puns): The Prettiest Girl in School
    (June 12, “Love Will Follow You to Your House and Hide There Until You Find It and Kill It (But It Will Never Die)”; I mean, really. That kind of blog title takes some commitment. As does the actual post, which is a poem about the author's love for...someone or something...that he apparently turned into a song. I have not heard this song, but apparently you can, if you so choose, by visiting his MySpace page. Just…fabulous.)
  • Most engaging overall blog (for better or for worse): Fluffy Windover's Diary (First, don’t ask me why, the word “fluffy” is inherently funny, every time. It just is. Second, I have no idea what a Windover is, but I like it. And third, the first sentence of the first entry I read was “I wish I could tell you that Edwin was done with talking about boobs.” That, my friends, is how to NOT bury the lead. Excellent work, Fluffy. My former editors would be very proud. And, the more I scanned her previous entries, the more convinced I became that it was not a fluke. Worth checking out. Surprisingly.)
  • Wild card: Best use of a toddler in a blog post: Travis, Ana and Aidan in the OC! (July 15, “Aidan can’t read without his bucket on his head” Because WHY would anyone want to? Love this kid.)

(Let me know if you come across an awesomely-awful blog that must be shared!)

5 backtalk:

Wendy said...

That last blog! Is that child reading The Devil Wears Prada???

(and the dad? a little creepy!)

Summer said...

YAY! Love these posts. Love them!

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

wear sunglasses the next time you pop by.....

wrestling kitties said...

Love this and miss this. I am all about the "next" button. I am checking these out....starting with the first. Seriously, awesome title!

Nadja said...

You know what? I NEVER use that function. I shall start today...

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