November 14, 2010

Fall: A one-photo photo gallery

Yesterday was the most beautiful, balmy, blue-skied fall day.

It was the kind of day that made me want to stand on our deck, look out at the countryside and just take long, deep, cleansing, celebratory breaths.

Today? It looks overcast and kind of yucky.

Luckily, I'm having a two-person dinner party with my BFF today, after which we will watch a horrible chick flick, do crafts and gossip.

So the weather can bite me.

3 backtalk:

Trophy Life said...

glad you had a nice day yesterday and a fun day planned for today! YAY!

Wendy said...

Our weather has been crazy - warm last week then SNAP, it's all cold and crap! Granted, it's November, so cold is okay. But it does a number on my sinuses!

Ky • said...

I just started singing the national anthem. This photo inspired me.


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