November 18, 2010

NBX Vol. 4: Corporal punishment, disturbing sculptures and my reluctance to dampen an earnest author's spirit

(If you're asking yourself, "What the heck is this?" click here. Otherwise, read on for snarky fun times.)

  • Most awesomest blog name: ELECTRIC SPANKING ("Freaky sounds for freaky people. If you're upset and you don't want to be spanked, let me know..." This is a tagline of genius, folks. It's straightforward, it tells you exactly what to expect, and it gives you a way out if you're feeling uncomfortable. Don't want to be spanked? No problem! Just let him/her know. Besides its fabulous name, my favorite part of this blog was the post entitled "Disco Cop.")
  • So-ugly-it's-fabulous-est blog layout: Reflections from a Teachers Heart (So...I feel sort of bad bagging on this blog. The author seems so earnest and positive. Example: Things that make her happy? Sunsets. And the sound of children laughing. And, you know, I like orange! I really do. And I like vine-y...things, which are also featured prominently in her layout. There's just...a LOT of orange. And a LOT of vine-y things. Sorry, Happy Teacher.)
  • Most random blog post title (and/or title that lends itself the best to double-entendre or horrible puns): Decision Height, Oct. 12, "Lord, Don't Let Me Get Stapled" (It's just random enough to make you go "whuh?" Apparently, it's some kind of pilot's lingo. ...yeah, I don't know. But I give the author bonus points for his pleasing-to-the-eye blue-toned color scheme.)
  • Most engaging overall blog (for better or for worse): Food Blogga (The first two entries I read described, respectively, rosemary-spiced roasted nuts and a combo pecan/pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. I want to marry the food she writes about. And, she writes about it engagingly; unlike some other food/recipe sites, it isn't just "Here's the recipe, it's really good, see ya!" Despite the iffy blog name and the odd-looking header, I'll definitely be returning to this one.)
  • Wild card: Hands-down creepiest piece of art I’ve ever laid eyes on: Jengalog, Super Sculpey mini-mouth (I don’t know if it’s that, proportionately, this fake mouth is frighteningly enormous; or if it’s the ass-chin; or if it’s because the tongue looks MOIST. But I could not stop staring at this thing FOREVER and it kind of haunts my dreams at night. Having browsed this guy’s site for a bit, I can safely say that his other stuff is both decent and less creepy. But still.)

Have you come across an awesomely-awful blog? Share it!

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the grumbles said...


Wendy said...




Summer said...

I feel sick. . .

Nadja said...

Clearly the mouth is what greatly affected us all.

Seriously. I don't like that at all.

Iris Took said...

Check this out:

So weird.

Written Permission said...

Iris: I have no idea what to make of the MouseHouses blog. I find the pictures incredibly creepy. But the author has 900+ followers, which is...also creepy. :) Thanks for sharing!

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