November 12, 2010

Let's talk about comments

Call me needy. Insecure. Whatever.

I'm a gal who needs feedback.

At work, I wanna know: Am I getting it right? Easy to work with? Producing quality material? Pushing back when I need to push back? Being flexible when I need to be flexible? Good or bad, I want the scoop.

I'm not doing the work for the feedback. But the feedback gives me fuel. It's what makes me want to keep going, keep doing my best.

And while this blog is hardly a job, it is the same in one big way.

Comments are fuel. They give me insight, help me learn about all of you, make me laugh.

They remind me that I'm not just writing these words and sending them out there into Internet-land to float around, unread and unloved.

I read a lot of blogs, and I'm completely guilty of dropping in, reading and going back to work without chiming in on the conversation, saying what I think or just telling the author I appreciate what they've written. And with so many of us doing NaBloPoMo this month...there's just so much to read!

So I've decided that part of my personal NaBloPoMo challenge is going to be about comments.

I can't promise I'll comment on every single thing you post. But I am going to be making a real effort to get in there more often.

I hope you'll do the same. :)

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the grumbles said...

word up, sister. commenting on everyone's stuff can be hard. especially when i'm at home, i read on my phone and then i can't really comment.

i like what you're doing, have no fears!

Wendy said...

I hear ya on the commenting! I have so enjoyed this NaMoBloPo stuff because everyone is posting more!

Summer said...

I appreciate your effort, your comments, and blog.

And. . . I will do the same. ;)

65 Roses for Marcia said...

I know, I love them too! I am a needy person...

Erika Jean said...

They are indeed bloggie fuel! I've been to so many blogs doing NaBloPoMo, I make it a point to comment on one new blog a day ;-)

Written Permission said...

@Grumbles: Dude, I hear you. Half the time I'm reading this stuff on my phone, too -- or, like with your post today, I read and enjoy it thoroughly, but I have literally nothing of value to add to it. :) Just trying to put myself out there a little more, 'zall. No fears heres. :)

@Everyone: Yay, comments! Heehee.

Maura said...

I'd give your blog the same ranking I give you on your performace evaluations: "E" for exceeds expectations. ;)

Nadja said...

I've definitely noticed your effort and I am absolutely trying to do the same. Comments keep me going!!!

wrestling kitties said...

AMEN! I am trying VERY hard to comment on blogs because in return I feel I NEED comments on my blog or I just don't want to blog. I may bombard people one day with a ton of comments, but I am trying to get to them every day!

Iris Took said...

Ditto. Just wanted to comment :)

Trophy Life said...

i've LOVED reading the many blog posts of all of our blogger friends - so fun to see new posts. however, it's an awful time for me to comment so i too am trying to be better.

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