November 29, 2010

I may have to try this myself

Since he was a puppy, Bubba has slept in one of two ways.

1. Sprawled on his back like a cat:

2. On top of Murray:

(Murray always pretended to be annoyed, but I think he secretly liked the snuggles.)

Since he's gotten sick, it's harder for Bubba to climb onto the couch, and most of his previously-favored positions seem to be uncomfortable for him now.

So he has adapted.

Behold, the new sleeping position:

Always one leg out to the side.

As long as you're comfortable, baby dog.

4 backtalk:

Summer said...

He is so stinking cute, S! I love the way you love them.

wrestling kitties said...

Oh I could just cuddle with your dogs!

What a good buddy!

Ky • said...

Aw, these photos are precious.

Trophy Life said...

awww,cutie little dogs and pictures. love the new sleeping pose. : )

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