November 6, 2010

I'm good, thanks.

I'm a huge fan of Glee.

I will proudly admit that I get a little bit high-school-girly-SQUEE when I see the finger-L come on the screen, and I really enjoyed the Rocky Horror Glee Show last week.

And I may or may not have purchased one of the soundtracks for Season 1.

But? I'm kind of tired of their semi-preachy commercials for recycling and the proper disposal of batteries and whether or not I'm going to hell if I don't have a low-flow toilet.

Listen, I get it. Kids watch the show. They look up to the cast. We want kids to recycle and care about the environment and do great things for the planet. I'm totally down with that. It's fine.

I just have a problem with taking life advice from someone who plays a fictional character, takes private jets to premieres and does a weekly juice cleanse to stay at a size 0.

It makes me super glad I DVR the show so I can fast-forward through it because: Enough.

2 backtalk:

Nadja said...

I've never seen Glee. It's talked about so much that I'm starting to think that I'm missing out on something.

Ky • said...

I'll tell you what, I really think that Glee has gone down hill this season.

It seems like the shows are built around the songs; where's the substance? (I guess whatever "substance" you can expect out of a show about teenagers.)

And another question: when did all of the characters become caricatures of themselves?

I am so disappointed this season.

And those commercials you speak of? STUPID.

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