November 13, 2010

Random Saturday-ness

1. The Fringe apple with the baby seeds makes my insides feel squirmy:

2. Some weird, horrible things are going on with my nose and sinuses; I haven't been able to properly breathe for weeks. The inside of my nose feels like a dry, barren wasteland, and in a desperate effort to see what was going on in there, I just used a hand mirror and the LED light on my Droid to look up my own nose. It wasn't my proudest moment.

3. Two weeks ago, I had never heard of Demi Lovato. How is she already famous enough to be in rehab?

4. Still cold in my house. (I think it might be warmer outside than it is in my house.) Still wearing my Snuggie. Still totally creeped out by Baby Tumor Snuggie.

5. I've always wanted red hair. Like, natural copper-red hair. I ended up with orange hair once, when the stylist at Fiesta Hair interpreted "Can you warm up my dark brown hair color?" as "Can you please bleach the crap out of my hair, leaving it with the consistency of straw, and then throw some orange dye on it in a misguided attempt to make up for your incompetence?"

6. Red hair DOES run in one side of my family and in T's family, so it's conceivable we could end up with a red-haired baby one of these days. Which should be fun to explain to people, since we both have dark brown hair, and people are judge-y.

7. T and I have been watching every season of Bones on Instant Netflix for the past month or so, and we're locked in a no-holds-barred, fight-to-the-death argument about who is the more beautiful Deschanel sister. (I say Zooey, he says Emily.)

Both of us can agree, though, that David Boreanaz is not nearly as hot as he thinks he is.

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wrestling kitties said...

First, I would like to say since getting to know you on the blogs I think we are the same person....maybe just from different realities or something!! :) Ok, yes maybe not so much but seriously sometimes when I read your blogs and stuff it is like I am reading something I wrote! CRAZY

All those Fringe things are freaky, but I agree the apple babies are the creapiest. (I LOVE this show by the way!)

I too have wanted red hair. I have had orange hair and darker brown with red tints, but I want red. Terry says I won't look good with red hair. He says even though I am pale with green eyes (like many red heads) my face isn't right. I don't even know what that means! Whatever....I want to try it again. When Terry was younger he had redish hair, now it is gray. He was adopted, so I am hoping our kids will be gingers :)

I love Bones.....T. and I have had the same discussion. He has a big crush on BOTH sisters, but I think he is all about Zooey. Have you heard her band? She and Him. I love them alot! I think Bones doesn't do Emily justice in her looks. They are both very beautiful!

I still think David is HOT. I use to watch him on Buffy and Angel, so I think he is hot because I have liked him for a very long time!! However, on Bones I think Hoggins is the cutest....I love the geeky guys :)

Written Permission said...

WK: I will totally echo your spooky feeling that we're secretly sisters or something. Obviously it's because you are so awesome, as am I (obviously). :) If you tell me you also enjoy Rock Band and/or Guitar Hero and you hate celery...we may have to have a serious talk with our mothers.

I think it's hilarious that we're both secretly hoping for red-headed children. :) Ha!

I'll have to check out Zooey's band! I did hear that she was doing music, too, but I never remember to look up more info. I'll have to do some scoping today on the ol' YouTube. Thanks for the tip!

Erika Jean said...

I never realized the 2 were related! makes sense though. I vote Zooey ;-)

Iris Took said...

Zooey's band is awesome and David IS as hot as he thinks he is.

WK and WP love you both - hope to see you at the summit.

Wendy said...

I can't believe that Demi Lavato business! The girls like her. I'm steering them in another direction. All of these Disney gals! Hannah/Miley is now all whorey so they can't watch that show anymore. We've been sticking to just straight-up cartoons lately.

I like Zooey too!

The summit! Are we on for January 15? I hope so!

I have a red headed kid. She's more strawberry blond. She's stubborn as all get out and LOUD. She's always been loud - a loud crier as a baby and she's just loud now. Not that loud is bad, it's just, ... loud. Love her to absolutely pieces, don't get me wrong. Red hair definetely brings certain personality traits! But then again, my blond kid is just as stubborn sometimes and she's got quite the sassy streak! :)

Trophy Life said...

my vote goes to Zooey. and your future kids with red hair is a cute thought in my head. you really do have reason to be gun-shy with new hairstyles given your crazy run-ins. at this point, i wouldn't blame you if you never did another thing to your hair for as long as you live.

Amber said...

David Boreanaz is my boyfriend so I can say with certainty that he is actually hotter than he thinks he is. The photographer was making him look at the camera funny there. In real life, he's very laid back and down-to-earth. It's one of the reasons I love him so much. That and he can fight a demon like no other.


B. said...

Glad my wife is taking your David Boreanaz put down well. I thought I was going to have to hold her back from going berserker on your ass, she takes her love for David very seriously.

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