November 16, 2010


You see a mug full of hot chocolatey goodness...

...I see the only thing getting me through 7.5 hours of conference calls.

(I'm not exaggerating. That's what's on my schedule for today. Hold me.)

(Also, I love this mug. It was a gift from my mama. I love her, too. :))

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Summer said...

The hot chocolate looks yummy. 7.5 hours? Really? That's criminal!

I love that mug. Must find one. :)

Written Permission said...

@Sum: I know, right? 7.5 hours is madness. Tuesdays are crazy up in here.

I'll ask my mama where she got the mug -- the manufacturer's website is (The front of it has a sketch of a dog with a flower in its mouth and the words "There are always flowers for those who want to see them." Sigh. Love.

wrestling kitties said...

LOVE this :) Mamas always know how to brighten days....even if they are not right there with you.

Maura said...

And that's why they pay you the big bucks. Obviously. ;)

Ky • said...




(Remember to put the phone on mute if you have to go into that bathroom.) :)

Nadja said...

I'm HORRIBLE with conference calls. My brain almost immediately stages a revolt and does other thing, rendering me completely useless.

Iris Took said...

Ky - I was immediately thinking about the bathroom and food.

WP - how the hell did it go??

Summer said...

I am so going after that mug. Thanks for the info!

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