November 19, 2010

Schooled by The Universe

On the recommendation of my good friend Trophy Life, I signed up to receive daily notes from The Universe.

Little affirmations, warm fuzzies, deep thoughts, all addressed to me directly by the magic of technology. (Ooooweeeeooooooooo...)

They all begin as though we're in the middle of a conversation (The Universe and I, that is), or as though I've asked some very deep "meaning of life"-type question, and the Universe is now settling in to give me the answer.

Much like horoscopes, I believe the site sends out the same or similar sentiments to all of its subscribers. The idea is that this Universal wisdom can apply to anyone, and it's up to you how you apply it to your own life.'s kind of hard to feel special.

And I'll admit, sometimes they miss the mark. Sometimes it's a nice sentiment, but it really means nothing to me personally. And sometimes the messages just seem like a jumbled paragraph of nonsense, and I just click "Delete," shake my head and go about my day.

But every once in awhile, The Universe comes through with something that actually strikes a chord with me.

Well, actually, Shannon, you were different.

You didn't want a perfect life, a typical life, or even a normal life.

You wanted a one-of-a-kind.

How we doing?

The Universe

I've been having trouble lately with one thing in my life: Contentment.

Don't get me wrong: Love my husband. Love our dogs. Love our house. Love my job.

But I struggle sometimes with feeling OK with where my life is at exactly.this.moment. Not constantly thinking about what I think is missing, how my life is somehow lacking something or somethings that I see in the lives of everyone around me.

And when I read this, it kind of stopped me for a second.

My life is mine.

I don't want cookie-cutter. I don't want someone else's idea of the perfect life, where everything happens perfectly and everything is perfectly timed.

I want one-of-a-kind. I want unique. I want MINE.

It's the last place I expected to find any kind of insight into my whole contentment conundrum -- or any actual life crisis, for that matter.

Well played, Universe. Well played.

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Trophy Life said...

these are almost my thoughts exactly about notes from The Universe. some days, the note makes me straight up feel like a moron; i don't get what it's saying and i shake my head and delete thinking "i AM smart, darn it".

i LOVED this one you quoted. i mean, really loved it. it was like The Universe took my shoulders and shook me. or snapped her fingers and said, "hey, malissa, wake up would you?"

Summer said...

One of a kind. . . love these words. And in all reality both of you, WP and TL, are exactly that. . . one-of-a-kind

Wendy said...

I need to hit up the Universe for some schoolin'!

Maura said...

But, I think the universe would have been more accurate to say, "Actually, Shannon, you are exceptional."

Honestly, I think every person on the planet is searching for something. And when they find it, they search for something else. It's a universal truth, but that doesn't make it easier to handle. It does keep us going, though, doesn't it?

Hang in there, friend.

Ky • said...

This brought tears to my eyes.

I understand. It's so difficult to be content in all circumstances.

I love you, friend.

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